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Language school in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The English Language school in Ekaterinburg, Russia is looking for teachers. The school also offers a kids camp for children to attend. If anyone is interested they should contact to the school directly info@ll-ekb.ru
Ekaterinburg is a beautiful city, and is the fourth-largest city in Russia , located on the border of Europe and Asia with a population of over a million people. The city has a connection with Scotland thanks to the Ural Scottish Association in Ekaterinburg and there are a lot of events and guests from Scotland in the city and also an annual Burns Festival.
Truths and Fictions: Two Centuries of Scottish-Russian Encounters
20 June 2016
This one-day symposium, the third in a series organised by the 'Scotland and Russia: Cultural Encounters Since 1900' Project, aims to explore the history of Scottish-Russian cultural exchange and influence.  For the first time, it will also look at the nineteenth-century roots of twentieth-century perceptions across a range of talks on literature, translation, performance and revolutionary politics.  Keynote speakers include Dr Dmitry Fedosov of the Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Sciences and Billy Kay, producer of 'The Scots in Russia' series for BBC Radio Scotland.
The event is free but please register here: https://truths-and-fictions.eventbrite.com


Congratulations to Debbie & Andrew's

We at the Highland Russia Connection would like to pass on our congratulations to Debbie & Andrew's. Their micro sponsorship scheme contributed support for our successful Commonwealth Project back in 2014 and has been shortlisted for the Business in the Community Awards in the Samworth Brothers Rural Action Award. Debbie & Andrew's produce the most delicious sausages that you can buy in some local Tesco and Sainsbury's supermarkets. You can find out more information at this web address https://www.debbieandandrews.co.uk/

The project we organised was set to coincide with the Get Scotland Dancing project, which was to have Ceilidhs taking place on the 21 st June 2014 all around the world, and included a specially choreographed dance commissioned by the Royal Ballet to celebrate the Commonwealth Games. The event we organised in Nairn was the Commonwealth Ceilidh using local talent, along with many people from around the Commonwealth now resident in the area. If you are interested you can watch the video of the ceilidh on our website.

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Are you a chess player who plays with Russian speaking opponents?
We have some books and audio tapes which have been donated by the family of the late Calum Wallace to give to someone who can make use of them. These are helpful when translating chess terms from English to Russian. There is also a chess set to go with them.
If you are interested, and can convince us of your intention to use them, please get in touch: elena.k.reid@gmail.com

Russian veterans in Cambridge.

An evening with Russian veterans of the Second World War

7th May @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Russian WWII veterans in Cambridge

Russian WWII veterans in Cambridge

This year marks 75 years since the start of the Great Patriotic War in Russia on 22nd June 1945. This war brought enormous losses to the peoples of the former Soviet Union – more than 27 million people died, of which civilians comprised an overwhelming majority. Some countries lost a significant part of their population: Belarus lost more than 25% of its population, Ukraine over 16%, and Russia every 7th citizen.

As days go by, fewer and fewer witnesses of those tragic times are still with us. Their striking stories and reminiscences about the great war are a powerful source of wisdom and inspiration; their experience presents priceless examples of courage, loyalty and endurance. This evening, we have the pleasure of welcoming some participants of decisive military events on the Eastern Front, such as the Battle of Stalingrad, the Crossing of the Dniepr, Battle of Berlin, and the Arctic Convoys.

They were still in the years of tender youth when the reality of war made them go and fight for their motherland, for their homes, and their loved and close ones. With remarkable stamina and fortitude did they bear war’s perilous hardships, and yet they retained tolerance and strong faith in peace, love and understanding between all people, as the corner stone of human life and well-being.

We are delighted to invite you to meet these extraordinary people, who are visiting us here in Cambridge for the first time ever – in order to share their memories with the local community.

Russian Veterans in Cambridge 7 May 2016


Scott Polar Research Institute, Lecture Theatre

Lensfield Road
Cambridge, CB2 1ER
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Наш Новогодний праздник с Дедом Морозом и Снегурочкой в воскресенье 3его января с 12 часов 1 Ardconnel Terrace Inverness IV2 3AE

The Highland-Russia Connection Charity had another busy and successful year and our AGM is coming up on Friday 23rd October at 8 pm in Nairn Community Centre. Our charity accounts and annual report were submitted and accepted by OSCR, the charities regulator. At the AGM we will explain about, and show videos and photos regarding the 70th VDay celebrations in Russia that we attended.
The Highland-Russia Connection Charity offers talks,  displays, exibitions and performances. Elena ,Elizabeth and Anna Reid, Beth and Alex Garrow and Lauren Mackay have for the past a few years performed at different events and for many community groups across the Highlands and beyond. All of us have spent many hours volunteering for the community.
Elizabeth and Anna Reid, Beth and Alex Garrow will be presented with Saltire Awards, which are a positive recognition by the Scottish Government of 12-25 years old volunteers and their achievements, at the Highland-Russia Connection Charity AGM on the 23rd October @ 8pm in Nairn Community centre. The girls have entertained many people with Russian and Highland dancing, bagpipes and songs on many occasions.



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